Bangaluru Cercavila

The itinerant spectacle “Bangaluru” arrives with aromas, colors and paces of east. Airavata, the sacred elefant precedes and presents to “Holi” (colors festivity), carrying on Prahlad, who floods the atmosphere with rhythms and festive music. Mahant, tamer and teacher of ceremonies, directs the spectacle, and around it, the Mandharas (acrobats in stilts) delight us with his skill and energy.

-With the happy and intense spirit of the carnivals, the characters travel the itinerant show with dances, prowesses, fire and smoke of colors, inviting the spectator to a holiday of sensations-

… Creating and theatrical adaptation of the colorful festival of Punjab. This festival coincides with the celebration of the Hindu spring, which commemorates many events of mythology and invites us to enjoy and be thankful for all that is good in our lives , to forget for a moment the social norms, and forgive those who has offended us…
The spectacle consists of two principal parts:
The first traveling, and a second, scenic. In the first dance choreographies, acrobacies, juggling with light objects and interaction games with the public are made.
The second part is represented in a scenic pre-established space and consists of: the spectacle of fire and fireworks, the ritual of acrobatics and the enchantment of the Snake (acrobacies with ropes).

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