“The huge blue mirror of the Mediterranean has been for millennia source of support and inspiration for dozens of different civilizations.
The richness of artistic expression in cultures that have looked out this sea has aroused the concern of the ToDoZancos creative company with the designer Paola Delbalzo.
Inspired by the surreal art of Salvador Dali, the modernist architecture of Antoni Gaudí and figures from classical mythology, it has developed a show of body expression on stilts with great visual impact, where the theater of the absurd, contemporary circus and street art merge.”

– Fantastic Four characters from other seas, wake up in the stage area willing to decipher, with the help of an ancient scroll, attributes and own treasures of the earth and its inhabitants-

Start the itinerant show discoverying around the place and the audience, inviting them to participate in a absurd comedy and theater games. The connection between characters and the audience will take to decipher that these treasures are communication between people, the ability to surprise ourselves and spontaneity of the game. This discovery excites and motivates them to do their festive ritual show, as a last gift to humans before embarking on the way back to his world. ”

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